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Hard-working equipment for hard-working people.

If you use our equipment, you don’t work an 8-to-5 job. You’re out there getting the power up for the rest of us during all hours and in the worst conditions. Up in a bucket or down on the ground, in the rain or snow, and in the aftermath of storms, you know you can depend on VON equipment.

Our founder, Mr. C.F. von Herrmann, built his first unit in 1958, and, unlike our competitors, Von has been family-run since. A family-run business isn’t like others. It’s not just the reputation of the company on the line; it’s the reputation of the family. Which is why we’ve built VON to be the model of dependability.

And, just so you know, if you ever need us, pick up the phone and call. You’ll get a knowledgeable engineer on the phone (often one who’s name begins with Von). That’s the essence of dependability. That’s the essence of VON.

Our units are tossed into the backs of utility trucks, thrown into lift-truck buckets, and dragged through rough terrain. VON equipment is built to be beat to hell, and, should the need arise, easy to repair on site.

For more than 60 years, the VON team has focused all of our energy, design skills, and inventiveness, on keeping you safe. Your safety while you’re out there keeping the rest of us powered is what VON is all about.

Servisavor ®

Lightweight Series of Temporary Power Restoration Devices

LSY,MSY,NSY Series ®

Combination Glove-Sleeve- Blanket-Line Hose Testing Equipment

SST15-832 ®

Fault Locator / Compact Sectionalizer

C Series DC Hipots

Aerial Lift Testing


The Von Corporation

As long as there has been electricity, there’s been a need for the ones who tame it. Called upon when times are worst, they saddle up their trucks to turn the lights back on. We are Von, and these are the people for whom we work. Their fearlessness is informed by the confidence they have in their ability, and in the equipment they depend on. Our mission is to make sure that the equipment Von builds for them never lets them down.

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VON proudly manufacturers
each piece of equipment
right here in the good ol’
U.S. of A. To our thinking, it’s
hard to beat American
ingenuity, entrepreneurship,
and grit.

28 Jan

DISTRIBUTECH International 2020

The VON Corporation will be exhibiting at DISTRIBUTECH International 2020, held in San Antonio, TX, on January 28-30, 2020.  Please visit us in Booth 4063.

2 Mar

TechAdvantage 2020

The VON Corporation will be exhibiting at the TechAdvantage Expo March 2-4 2020, in New Orleans, LA.  Come visit us in Booth 2013.

21 Apr

IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition 2020

The VON Corporation will be exhibiting at the IEEE PES T&D Exposition April 20-23 2020, in Chicago, IL.  Come visit us in Booth 4416