XV Series VLF Test Sets
  • Easiest operation of any available equipment
  • Meets worldwide cable test standards
  • Sinusoidal Output
  • Multiple Frequency Selection for extra long cables
  • Cable Leakage Measurement

The XV Series of VLF test equipment is the latest addition to the VON family of high voltage test equipment, known worldwide as the most reliable high voltage test equipment available. Our advanced design provides you with a rugged, easy to use system that is easily portable to your test site. Digital menu based controls and an onscreen instruction system make the system easy to operate.

XV Series equipment is perfect for testing Extruded Cables (XLPR/EPR), Laminated Cables, Cable Jackets/Sheaths, Generators, Switchgear, Transformers, Insulators, Bushings, and Rotating Machines.

B-.35, B-.45

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